Icarus, I

I am not foolhardy Icarus, who flew too close to the sun.
I am Icarus, who saw something so worthwhile he took the chance, his life on the line.
I am Icarus’ life before he took the chance; I am Icarus’ life had he succeeded; I am Icarus’ life when he failed.

I am Icarus as he plummeted to the sea.



because he is a piece of shit.


because he is a horrible person.


because of what you claim to think I want or will or won’t.


I won’t read what he wrote (control, control) I won’t.


because you are feeling the pain of it all, and


because now so am I.

Sometimes, I am.

First, I am not a solopsist.

I am not a rationalist, although I believe the world can be rationalized to a point.

I am not a nihilist.

I am not an irrationalist, although per above, I believe the world to be irrational to a point.

I am not generally an absurdist.



is the logical answer.

I can ponder the absurd.



is easier

to bear.

Eternal s and b

From Seymour Krim, “The Insanity Bit”:

‘I went instead to a Polish bar in downtown Newark, vaguely seeking the eternal anodynes of snatch and booze while I mentally played with my fate.’

Eternal snatch and booze?

Hell, yeah, I’m going to Newark!